Skinny Coffee Club ☕️ #beautysunday 🌈

Hi girls !

I’ve been posting about Skinny Coffee lately on my Instagram account and now that I have finally finished my 28 detox program I wanted to share my week to week experience with you:

💜 During my first week, I have to admit that detox wise I wasn’t really seeing any difference when it came to my body, but I kept on going because it tastes amazing and it contains the most amazing and natural  ingredients out there such as:

1️⃣ Green Tea Extract Powder

2️⃣Garcinia Cambogia

3️⃣Siberian Ginseng Powder

4️⃣Spirula Powder

5️⃣Ground Green Coffee Extract

And of course

6️⃣Ground Coffee

All these ingredientes are very good on their own but combine together the result can be pretty awesome.

💜 During my second week I could feel that my appetite was decreasing after I would drink my daily morning mug, and that  bloatiness was slowly going away. I started to feel much lighter and better, and even more energized ! Also I started  to sleep better at night.

💜When third week started I realized that my eating habits were better since I wasn’t having any cravings and it was then when I noticed some weight loss going on ! I was so excited I just wanted to go on with the program !

💜During my last days I came to the realization that not only was I improving  my diet and general wellbeing but also that my skin was glowing and my spots were not longer there anymore.

All I can say is that, if you drink it without milk nor sugar, as per instructions, you are going to start feeling better not only on the outside but also on the inside 🌈

I just can’t wait to start my number 2 pack and keep on going with the improvement 🔝

If you try it please do tell me what your experience was ⚡️

Angel 💋

Instagram: angel_onofrio



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